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  Blues 2003 

Managed .NET applications for TN3270 and TN5250 terminal and printer emulation.  Totally redesigned from the ground up to take full advantage of the .NET framework.

Choose from classic hard drive installation, "no touch" web server deployment (Web to Host), file share deployment, or use our .NET control in your Windows Forms application or ASP.NET site.

Our Windows Forms control may be dropped into any .NET application (including ASP.NET) to provide custom user interface and screen scraping.  Use our control to access your mainframe or midrange computer from your IIS server to provide robust web applications.


Click here to see a data sheet in pdf format describing the product. 

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The terminal session window comes packed with every possible option, so you can be assured that everyone in your organization will be satisfied with its functionality. 

The manager window can be used to add or remove functionality and lock every possible option, allowing for an exact fit of functionality for your company.


The manager window maintains a "master" configuration database for your complete network.  The database can be stored on the local hard drive, a network file share, or on a web server. 

Each users preferences are saved in their own isolated storage and automatically synchronized with the database. 



The printer emulation window is seamlessly integrated with easy access.

Direct your printouts from your mainframe or midrange computer directly to your locally attached printer or disk file.



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