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Blues 2000 

BLUES 2000 for Windows ® 

IBM 3270, IBM 5250, and DEC VT emulation for the Windows ® desktop !

32 bit Windows® applications for 3270, 5250 and DEC VT emulation, models 2-5 bind switchable, extended data stream support, customizable menu and toolbars, drag and drop file transfer, file transfer portfolio manager, file transfer scheduling, drag and drop color configuration, drag and drop keyboard configuration, HLLAPI, ActiveX, DDE, and clipboard API support, superior fonts that look and feel like a real IBM terminal, macro and scripting, hot spots, international code page support, and much more.

Connect to major vendor gateways including Microsoft SNA Server, Microsoft Host Integration Server,Novell Netware For SAA,  and IBM Communications Server for NT.  Connect directly over TN3270 and TN3270E TCPIP, 802.2 DLC, TN5250E TCPIP, X.25 QLLC over ISDN, and DEC VT TCPIP.


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The terminal session window comes packed with every possible option, so you can be assured that everyone in your organization will be satisfied with its functionality. 

The manager window can be used to add or remove functionality, allowing for an exact fit of functionality for your company.


The manager window maintains a "master" configuration database for your complete network.  The database can be stored on the local hard drive or on a network file share. 




Direct your printouts from your mainframe or midrange computer directly to your locally attached printer or disk file.





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